We are proud to have contributed to Jeunes en Tête cause!


March is over, we can finally announce the raised amount for the Fondation Jeunes en Tête. Thanks to employees who wore jeans the last three months, we have collected $285. That amount will contribute to the cause, that helps to prevent distress for teenagers between 11 and 18 years old. Together, we help their full potential development.


Every little act counts, if you would like to know more about this foundation, we suggest you to visit their website by clicking here.


Our cause from April to June

Until the end of June, the raised amount will be given to Berthierville elementary schools. It will help finance the kitchen to give hot lunches to children who do not have a lunch. Subscribe to our Facebook page to discover the raised amount for each foundation.


Days Inn Berthierville wears jeans for a great cause!

Did you stay with us recently? You may have seen a few of our employees wearing jeans. No, we did not change our work uniform, we simply decided to join forces to involve ourselves with organizations in which we believe in! Indeed, our employees are now allowed to wear denims on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, provided that they give $2 to a foundation every time. In total, 4 organizations will be supported by this initiative in 2019. Stay tuned and subscribe to our Facebook page to know the amount raised for each cause.

January, February & March: Jeunes en Tête foundation

For the first three months of the year, our efforts will be put towards Jeunes en tête, a cause that has for mission to prevent the psychological distress amongst youth, for teens between 11 and 18 years old, in the Province of Quebec. It is our pleasure to help this cause and to be able to contribute to the financing of teenagers’ wellness.

Know more about the cause:


New breakfast at the Days Inn Berthierville

As you may know, the Days Inn Berthierville is already involved with many organizations through a variety of actions throughout the year. The hotel now wants to make some changes by starting an environmental movement. Among other things, the breakfast is totally renewed! This one will be from now on local and much more concerned with the environment.

So you can start your day now with the eco-friendly lunch!

Here are the main changes to the breakfast:

  • Reusable, biodegradable adhesive films replace standard plastic wrap
  • A homemade fruit salad with fresh fruit from Boucherie Forget
  • Greaves are homemade by Boucherie Forget and distributed in recyclable containers
  • Three types of cereals are now available: Muslix, Frosted Flakes and gluten-free cereals
  • Three flavors of Donuts d'Antan potatoes donuts rather than one are proposed, nature, with maple and honey
  • You will also be able to enjoy home-baked beans from Quebec and hard-boiled eggs made in Canada
  • We have a pancake machine made in Canada with maple syrup from the Érablière Nicole and Renée Vincent

Stay tuned, more changes are coming!


The results from our actions!

The Days Inn Berthierville Hotel has committed to contribute part of its profits to the Movember Foundation in order to support and to promote men’s health all over the world.

This year, it is $1972,76 that we have gathered thanks to the customers’ donations, the employees’ participation as well as the hotel’s involvement. As it is a cause that touches us particularly, so we have decided to round the amount to $2000!

November is now over, but the foundation is still active and still needs money. Did you know that you could donate all over the year? The Days Inn Berthierville Hotel offers you a secured platform to make donations.

Help us to reach our target and contribute to financing research concerning prostate and testicular cancers as well as men’s mental health all over the world. You can visit the foundation’s website,, for more details.



The Movember is back at Days Inn Berthierville!


The Days Inn Berthierville hotel is proud to announce the return of the Movember movement in the hotel. Indeed, once again this year, the hotel decided to renew its engagement with the Movember Foundation to support and to promote men’s health: “We are absolutely glad to get involved in the Movember for a second year to promote men’s health and to help financing research in this field. It is important for us to advertise the cause, and mainly to participate to it”, says Audrey Hatin, vice-director.


All November, the Days Inn Berthierville will donate to the Movember Foundation $1 per booked night in the month, in addition to giving 5% of all revenues associated to bar sales and meeting rooms rentals. Boxes will also be put at the front desk to collect donations, and employees will have the possibility to wear jeans while working, providing that they donate $2 to the foundation each time! Anike Bélanger, General Manager, wants her employees as well as clients to actively participate in the cause.



As for the clients, they will get a 10% discount on their room rates, only by wearing the mustache. Fake mustaches will be given at the front desk in order to give the opportunity to everyone to take part in the cause and get the discount. The hotel incites the clients to donate a part of their reduction to the foundation. 

“The thing is, for every cause that we support, we all have someone around us that could suffer from that kind of situation. For example, the Movember gives us the possibility to help the men in our life in our own way, whether it is a father, a brother, an uncle or a friend. Every small gesture is bigger than we think” declares Anike Bélanger, General Manager. 


The Cause

The Movember Foundation contributes to financing research concerning prostate and testicular cancers as well as men’s mental health all over the world. You can visit the foundation’s website,, for more details.


Regarding the Belanger Family

The Belanger family, owner of the Days Inn Berthierville for more than 20 years, has been involved in the hotel and restaurant industries for more than five generations. For them, a social implication is a priority for a business. The Belanger family wants to contribute as much as they can to the society, and that initiative with the Movember Foundation is part of all the causes they support.