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Protecting the environment is one of our missions!
We are 3 Green Keys
Here are the actions performed by the team at the Days Inn Berthierville to protect our beautiful planet.
• Purchased three blue bins for recycling.
• Recycle empty ink cartridges.
• Use only boxes, folders and envelopes made from recycled materials.
• Notepad, letterhead and envelopes made from recycled materials.
• Purchased a shredder.
• Reorganized our reporting system to eliminate duplication of reports.
• Recovery of used paper to be used for notes.
   (The sheets do not contain information regarding our customers. These are shredded.)
Laundry / Rooms
• Over 90% of our light bulbs have been replaced with energy efficient bulbs (compact fluorescent).
• Use of Ecolab products "Green".
   (They are biodegradable between 48 and 96 hours.)
• Use of signage for a change of towels and sheets.
• We use "Nature Clean"; to remove stains instead of "Shout".
• Use toilet paper and tissues "North River" from Cascade.
   (Toilet paper and tissues are made from 100% recycled and 100% post consumption and a manufacturing process that is
   chlorine free.)
• Use of products "Hertel" and "La Parisienne"; instead of "Tide" and "Javex".
   (They are biodegradable in 28 days and are phosphate-free and without phosphorus.)
• Battery recycling.
• Installed foam dispensers in all rooms and public bathrooms.
   (The soap foam is a body gel, shampoo and conditioner for hair. It is biodegradable in 3 days.)
• System energy controls (air conditioning and heating).
• Shower water saver.
Breakfast / Bar / Meeting Rooms
• Elimination of plastic cups for glass.
• Use of napkins "North River" from Cascade.
   (These products are made entirely of recycled and contain up to 100% post-consumer waste.)
• Use placemats instead of permanent white paper placemats..
• Use of natural coffee and hot chocolate "Équita".
• Elimination of plastic plates and bowls for "Royal Chinet".
   ("Royal Chinet" is a range of items made from pulp fibers natural and compostable. In addition, these items are recyclable and
• Elimination of Styrofoam cups for the range "Perfect Touch".
   (The "Perfect Touch" glasses are made of recycled cardboard and are biodegradable.)
• Elimination of coffee sticks and plastic utensils.
• Elimination of paper coasters for coasters with cork.
• We now offer our customers who have booked a meeting room the choice between pitchers of water or bottled water.
• Recycling of all bottles of wine and alcoholic beverages.
• Using notepads made from recycled materials.
Marketing / Human Resources
• Purchase of 25 equitable baskets for our employees.
• Purchase of 134 equitable baskets for our regular and corporate customers.
• Purchase of chocolate covered coffee beans and chocolate bars for sale in our boutique.
• Participation in the program "La Quinzaine du commerce équitable".
• Applied for membership tto the Green Key program for Canadian hoteliers.
   ("Green Key Eco-Rating program")
• Using recycled paint for the renovations of meeting rooms.
• Donation of various items to local charities.
   (Sheets, towels, lost property, equipment, supplies.)
• Use of recycled asphalt to repair our parking lot.
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